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2004 IPCTL

International Piano Competition Theodor Leschetizky

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Message of the Artistic Director

Dear participants,
Dear music-lovers and teachers!

In December 2000 the first ever IPCTL took place in Taichung very successfully.

Laureates of the 2000 edition played in Vienna (Wiener Konzert Haus) and Salzburger Schlosskonzerte. Excitements and tensions were running high in Vienna and Salzburg; as the concerts were subject of great public attention and rave reviews afterwards.
In 2004 there will come a second edition of our successful competition.
This time IPCTL will take place in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, China.
We intend to expand our efforts by intensifying competition’s artistic and accommodation qualities:

1.IPCTL will hold its Qualification rounds and Semi Finals at a historic facility: the wonderful ballroom of the Municipal Cultural Center in Taipei. The Japan-colonial-era hall has superb, recording-worthy acoustics, and was never picked for such an activity before. to be held at the Recital Hall of National Concert Hall in Taipei.

2.Finals will take place at the famed National Concert Hall. One of the most prestigious concert halls of modern times, as it is praised by international renowned performing artists and all eminent orchestras who played there.
Taipei Symphony Orchestra (TSO), Taiwan’s absolute top orchestra, will accompany the finalists in a choice of 10 piano concertos. We have on top of that invited a very famous conductor to conduct the finals. Brussels based Maestro Meir Minsky (Israel), who made a very noticed debut last June 2002 at the National Concert Hall in Taipei.

IPCTL will be equipped again with a jury, composed out of the world’s most recognized pianists and pedagogues. We want to make a commitment here to insist this competition to be free of corruption and politics.
No matter from which country you are, who your teachers are (well-known or totally unknown): we are looking for that real artist with the most original personality and the deepest soul.
Yes, I agree, one must have the technique and play all the notes! But let us listen to the original belcanto singers; and those early piano recordings of the ‘golden age’ pianists! They were the last witnesses of the great epoch of music.

They all had one thing in common:
A remarkable personality combined with genuine artistry.

IPCTL was founded to reestablish this great tradition; to start a ‘New Epoch’.

That’s what makes us totally different from any other competition in the world.
I warmly welcome all participants with their teacher; family or/and friends!

Peter Ritzen



1.Renaissance Music Society RMS Taipei

Stella Chang, general manager

N0.180, Sec. 6, Zhongshan North Road, 111 Taipei, Taiwan , R.O.C.

Tel: +886 2 28345930

Fax: +886 2 28360460

E-mail: rms@gcn.net.tw


Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.

-Municipal Cultural Center Kuang-Fu Hall (Preliminary Rounds & Semifinals)

-National Concert Hall (Finals)

Piano concertos accompanied by Taipei Symphony Orchestra.



IPCTL will take place on May 22 to June 2, 2004.

Date of registration: Friday May 21 2004 11:00am~06:30pm

Location: European Academy of Music, Taipei

N0.180, Sec. 6, Zhongshan North Road, 111 Taipei, Taiwan , R.O.C.

IPCTL has three rounds

1.Qualifying Round

May 22-25, 2004

2.Semi Finals

May 28-29, 2004


June 1-2, 2004 with orchestra.



1.IPCTL is open for young pianists, regardless nationality.

2.Age limit : participants born before June 1 1989 ~ after June 1 1971

3.Applications shall be dispatched by registered mail or e-mail to the competition management no later than April 30th 2004 (date of postmark) or fax. Please confirm if RMS has received your application.

4.Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The competition management will review application file for approval in accordance with the regulations.

5.Application fee is 200 USD by SWIFT (no checks or VISA) to RMS Taipei

Bank of Taiwan Head Office

Accountholder: Renaissance Music Society

Account number : 003001303192

* Notice that application will be completely registered, only after the application fee is paid.

6.On the day of registration, candidates must be present in person with valid passports. (Minimum 6 months validity)

It will be not possible to register beyond that date, unless there is a profound (approved) reason.



The three highest qualified Finalists by the Jury will become prizewinners and receive an Award, including concert engagements for Vienna and Salzburg.

Finalists who are not prizewinners are still entitled for three separate prizes: –

Best Asian Pianist
Best performer of Leschetizky
Public’s favorite Pianist

Only finalists are qualified to receive any prizes. Prizewinners will receive a ‘Laureate Certificate’ and Finalists who are not prizewinners will receive a ‘Finals Certificate’

Only the Prizewinners will get an order (1st-2nd-3rd), as the other finalists will have no specific order. Finalists who get a special prize, as mentioned above, are not entitled to call themselves Laureate or Prizewinner of IPCTL.

IPCTL 1st Prize 10 000 USD

IPCTL 2nd Prize 8000 USD

IPCTL 3rd Prize 5000 USD

Special Awards:

Best Asian Pianist 1000 USD

Best Leschetizky performer 1000 USD

[Provided by Intenationale Leschetizky Akademie Wien]

Public’s favorite Pianist 1000 USD

[Elected by the audience during the Finals]



IPCTL will have two different juries: for details please visit IPCTL website.

I. Jury for the Qualifying Round. This jury will be composed of famous pianists and professors of South East Asia and others.

Rolf-Peter Wille

Constance Lee

Yang Jun

Wu Yin

Janos Cegledy

Yuko Ninomiya

II. International Jury for the Semi-Finals and Finals. Jury with international acclaimed pianists.

Peter Ritzen

Joerg Demus

Lazar Berman

Sergei Dorensky

Rudolf Kehrer

Bernard Ringeissen

Andrzej Jasinski

Sylvia Tray

Meir Minsky

The conductor might eventually also attend the jury in the Semi-Finals.



IPCTL repertoire is divided in characteristically parts, on which candidates can fill in their favorite pieces. This is a totally new approach of presenting a young artist to the audience and jury.

Notice that all repertoire has to be played from memory at IPCTL.

1.Qualifying Round

I.Presentation Repertoire

Candidates choose 1 piece out of following list

– One prelude or fugue selected from the Wohltemperiertes Klavier by J. S. Bach

– 1 Sonata by D. Scarlatti (without repeats)

– One movement from a Sonata by Carl P. E. Bach

Movement 1 or 3.

– One Choral-Prelude selected from

9 Orgel-Choralvorspiele by Bach-Busoni .

– One Liszt-transcription of J. S. Bach

(Prelude or Fugue)

II. Young Virtuoso’s Repertoire

One concert-etude out of list

– Etudes op. 10 & 25 F. Chopin

– 12 Transcendental Etudes F. Liszt

6 Grand Paganini Etudes

3 Concert Etudes (1857)

2 Concert Etudes (1863)

– Etudes op. 8 A. Skrjabin

Etudes op. 42

– Etudes-Tableaux S. Rachmaninoff Op. 33 & 39

III. Foretaste of Semi-Finals

One repertoire choice of the Semi-Finals.

Candidates may choose to play a movement of a repertoire or an excerpt of a larger piece.

Qualifying Round repertoire should not extend over 15 minutes. The Jury has the right to interrupt the candidate, ask questions, or in case, dismiss the participant.

2. Semi-Finals

I. Leschetizky Repertoire (on-line scores download)

1 choice from the 3 listed opuses:

– From Souvenirs d’Italie op.39: Nr.1

‘Barcarola’ (Venezia)

– Andante Finale op.13 for left hand

[Paraphrase on Lucia di Lammermoor by G.Donizetti]

– From Six Méditations op. 19 ( Livre 1 )
no. 1 ‘La Mélusine’
no. 2 ‘Réponse’
no. 3 ‘L’Approche du Printemps’

II. Main Repertoire

One major piece of the 19th or 20th Century piano repertoire

(After 1800 and before 1943)

III. Encore

One piece free of choice

Semi-Final program should be not shorter than 22 minutes and not extend over 40 minutes. Jury will not interrupt the recital, unless time limit is extended.

3. Finals

Finalists will perform their concerto of choice with Taipei Symphony Orchestra. One Concerto of list below:

Ludwig van Beethoven Concerto nr. 5 op. 73 in Mi-flat major

Frederic Chopin Concerto nr. 1 op. 11 in Mi minor

Franz Liszt Concerto nr. 1 in Mi-flat major

Robert Schumann Concerto op. 54 in La minor

Johannes Brahms Concerto nr. 2 op. 83 in Si-flat major

Peter I. Tschaikowski Concerto nr. 1 op. 23 in Si-flat minor

Edvard Grieg Concerto op. 16 in La minor

Sergei Rachmaninoff Concerto nr. 2 op. 18 in Do minor

Sergei Rachmaninoff Concerto nr. 3 op. 30 in Re minor

Anton Rubinstein Concerto nr. 4 op. 70 in Re minor

Sergei Prokofieff Concerto nr. 2 op. 16 in Sol Minor

Finalists will rehearse with Taipei Symphony Orchestra on June 27~28, at the Chung-Shan Hall orchestra facility. And on the day of their performance; June 29~30, at the National Concert Hall.

Finalists are allowed, to play an encore piece: the Encore Piece or Leschetizky Repertoire of the Semi-Finals. It will be possible to perform only one encore at the Finals.

Special suggestions of the artistic director:

Candidates are encouraged to present themselves shortly before they play at the Qualification Round and Semi- Finals. However, their speech not to extend over two minutes, this is not a requirement neither competition rule. The order of program has to be followed as listed.

I recommend participants to put together a repertoire in a way that jury and audience are able to detect the individual skills of the candidate.

It is advisable, in the Semi-Finals, to choose some repertoire that is related to your concerto of choice.

Let me give you some example:

You play a Russian concerto, (Rachmaninoff or Tschaikowsky). Suggestible that the main repertoire or Encore Piece might be also a Russian repertoire. (Not necessarily from the same composer, but style related)

If you play a concerto of Beethoven; it would be unwise to having no repertoire in your semi-finals that is related to this concerto..

Peter Ritzen



1. IPCTL is a public competition; therefore, all rounds will be open for the audience. However the deliberations of the juries will happen seclusive.

2. IPCTL and its organizer; RMS, will follow the verdict of the jury. Though, the jury reserves the right to refrain from awarding a prize altogether or even dividing a prize. The decision of the Jury is incontestable.

3. IPCTL will, in case a records company wants to award a candidate with a CD recording engagement, only approve this in accordance with the Jury.

4. Communication between the candidates and the Jury is absolutely not permitted, before or during the competition. Unlawful contacts will lead to disqualification of the candidate(s), as the involved jury member(s) will be expulsed from the jury, in case there is clearly evidence.

The same will happen if a candidate or jury member attempts to contact through a third person.

5. No candidate will be permitted to enter directly in the Semi-Finals on ground that she/he is a laureate of another international competition.

Important notice:

Except for the First Prizewinner; former finalists and prizewinners are allowed to re-participate at IPCTL.

6. RMS; the competition management, reserves the right to allow radio, TV stations and record companies to live-record IPCTL. However this will only happen after written approval by RMS and the artistic director of IPCTL.

Candidates or Prizewinners will have no royalties or whatsoever on these recordings. RMS reserves the same rights for photographs and/or video recordings.

7. Participants of IPCTL, will be scheduled during the whole competition by RMS. It will be not possible to change fixed schedules unless a candidate is found to be ill (with doctor’s attestation).

The finals will take place with orchestra, TSO.

The order of finalists is going to be decided by IPCTL artistic director, advised by the conductor.

8. RMS will arrange lodgings and practice schedule for all participants, as long as they are ‘active’ candidates.

Semi-Finalists ( foreign participants )will be reimbursed for their total costs of lodgings (bed & breakfast).

3 Prize Winners will be reimbursed half of their air-ticket fee as well.

9. About IPCTL repertoire:

Participants are fully encouraged to perform all possible styles of music, including: transcriptions, own compositions or arrangements on popular themes.

However notice that: systematical -atonal, -serial, or -experimental music will be absolutely NOT permitted at IPCTL; including its other activities or events.

Unpublished scores or unknown pieces have to be sent to the competition management RMS well in advance, due to approval by IPCTL artistic director. (Latest 2 months prior to the start date of the competition.)

10. About the Jury

IPCTL will have two different juries: for details please visit IPCTL website.

I. Jury for the Qualifying Round. This jury will be composed of famous pianists and professors of South East Asia and others.

Rolf-Peter Wille

Constance Lee

Yang Jun

Wu Yin

Janos Cegledy

Yuko Ninomiya

II. International Jury for the Semi-Finals and Finals. Jury with international acclaimed pianists.

Peter Ritzen

Joerg Demus

Lazar Berman

Sergei Dorensky

Rudolf Kehrer

Bernard Ringeissen

Andrzej Jasinski

Sylvia Tray

Meir Minsky

The conductor might eventually also attend the jury in the Semi-Finals.

11. About the prizewinners

Their will be selected 24 Semi-Finalists, from the total participants of IPCTL by the Jury. International Jury will select 6 Finalists.

The Finalists will perform their chosen concerto with orchestra on June 1-2 2004 at the National Concert Hall. The International Jury will appoint 3 prizewinners. These prizewinners will receive a money prize award besides an engagement to participate in a joined Laureates Concert in Vienna and Salzburg (Salzburger Schlosskonzerte).

Their money prize includes the fee for the two concerts in Austria.

IPCTL will provide transportation and lodgings for the Austria concerts.

12. In applying for entry to IPCTL, participant confirms to agreeing on all conditions listed in this brochure.

13. The competent Taipei Municipal Court assumes jurisdiction over legal disputes. The English version is exclusively legal and binding.


Photo Gallery of 2004 IPCTL


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